Management- and Training Themes

Coaching- and Training Emphases

  • Sales- and promotional training: Result-oriented communication, team selling, positioning in sales, scheduling appointments, acquisition, recommendation, presenting and positioning oneself, customer typology, price negotiation, negotiation principles according to Harvard, target-group oriented presentations and address, selling using the Sparkasse-Financial Concept, rhetoric for sales, handling difficult client situations, using legal frameworks for sales,  subject schedule in private banking, integrated sales, selling in difficult environments, storytelling, client psychology, influencing decision making processes and many more.
  • Management training in distribution: profit-oriented leadership, basics of leadership, leadership in flat structures, distance leadership from distance (4,0), leadership in change management, leadership of teams, leadership in critical situations, motivating to excel, performance reviews, personality and leadership, strategic planning in and in cooperation with an own sales unit
  • Train the Trainer: Qualification to become sales coach and trainer
  • Speaker: Expert speaker at end-customer and employee events on topics such as for instance behavioural finance, storytelling and many more.