Experience Sailing

Sailing as a Method for Leadership

Being a RYA Yacht Master Ocean (commercially endorsed) and having more than 25,000 NM in the wake, sailing has become more than a passion. It has become a profession. As skipper for various sailing tour operators (EnjoySailing, SailActive) and charters I take over sailing yachts with guests or transfer sailing yachts to the blue water territories of the world. Whether it will be the Mediterranean, the North Sea, the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean or the South Pacific – passion and the deep respect for nature are on board.

"You cannot change the direction the wind is coming from – but you can change the position of the sails." (A. de Saint- Exupèry)

The experience taken from these cruises I utilize as a method, on one hand, to familiarize my students with the topics team development, leadership competence and project management in the framework of optional compulsory modules and, on the other hand, to illustrate managers the direct effect of leadership behaviour and management effect – training at work.

No other method enables the participants to experience a more immediate feedback on their own conduct.  The transfer is easy. Sailing not only as method for team building and development of managerial staff but also as coaching tool.

Should you, however, simply look for a skipper, who will go sailing with you or as an incentive with your employees – contact me.

Practical training- and long-haul trips inclusive.

We are happy to work with Dr. Olaf Wenzel and www.sail-as-a-team.de on various sailing and leadership development projects.
The expertise and transfer performance of Olaf Wenzel and his team into practice are always of great benefit to our projects.