HR Development as a strategic factor

HR and Coaching

Human Resource Development Is No Coincidence

More than ever, human resource development is a strategic success factor today – this is especially true in sales. And coaching is a tool of the various possibilities contained in the toolbox human resource development.

Promote and encourage sales personnel and senior management.

Find and retain sales personnel. To staff the “reserve” is a task in which senior management in sales can be supported using the coaching method. To offer individualized promotion possibilities, coaching as method in order to sustainably enable highest sales performance, systemic coaching, coaching on the job, the manager as a coach – these are my topics.

To use qualitative techniques (in-depth interviews) or quantitative techniques (psychometrical tests, DISG, ISIGHT, Big five, MSA etc.) in human resource development for selection and promotion, is an exciting task and always an investment into the future – for instance for the success of your sales team.

From the multitude of methods and concepts which you can utilize for your business, for your staff and for the realization of your objectives we jointly select those methods which will make your objectives attainable and befit the culture of your business – training at work.