What defines Me

  •  “Humans are born as originals – and die as copies.“ (Anatoles Frances) That has to be prevented…
  • As coach and trainer I have a systemic-constructivistic approach; practice- and solution oriented. My experience: People always fall back on the same options. They act in problem-oriented not solution-oriented ways and generally know the solution to their problem yet they cannot approach it.
  • An integrative approach is important for me. There is not the “one” method. The people are always at the center.
  • Sailing and golf are successfully utilized as a method in team- and management development.
  • High field competence in sales of financial services, leadership experience, 15 years experience as trainer and coach: Clear, open, direct, constructively challenging.

As a yachtsman I know: "You cannot change the direction the wind is coming from – but you can change the position of the sails." (A. Saint de Exupery) – as skipper and trainer the safety o